Enhancing Wellness with CBD & Terpenes


The cannabis movement has been supported greatly by the way CBD (or cannabidiol) has emerged within health care and wellness for its various and vast health benefits.

In the public discourse surrounding cannabis, it’s THC, or the psychoactive, “high” producing part of cannabis that gets the most attention in the resistance against universal legalization. While science and studies are continuously emerging worldwide that support the benefits of CBD for a variety of mild to serious health conditions, cannabis legalization and access in many areas unfortunately fails. Despite this, the cannabis community and legal markets have emerged with a strong voice to continually educate the public about the health benefits of CBD from the cannabis plant.

CBDaily has the perfect product for those interested to explore the health benefits of CBD and terpenes that bring not only flavor and aroma, but therapeutic benefit.

More About CBD

CBDaily has created its product in order to leverage the power of CBD and cannabidiol as a supplement to the body’s existing internal endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system or ECS is an important part of our body responsible for major physiological functions in the central and peripheral nervous systems as well as in peripheral organs like the skin.

Our ECS is biologically set up to receive the benefits of CBDs through cannabinoid receptors that help regulate some of the body’s internal functions such as sleep, mood, appetite, improvement of motor functions, and other benefits supported by emergent science and people’s experiences.

CBD oil from and have placed in convenient and attractive CBDaily vaporizers have been carefully chosen for their CBD richness and terpenes. These oils bring together some of the most important elements of a healthy mind and body through their terpenes, CBD and biological composition.  

Here are some important insights about the way CBD oil is being used within health, wellness and lifestyle as cannabis use spreads through legalization, education and acceptance:

CBD is increasing the effectiveness of the serotonin receptors within the body, helping those with anxiety and/or depression find relief from their symptoms so they can participate socially, professionally, and recreationally at their most optimal level in the world around them.

Athletes are finding relief from muscle inflammation in their post workout recovery processes, reducing the need to rely on powerful prescription pain medications for sports injuries or muscle tension;

CBD is helping women who struggle with various reproductive health conditions find relief from pain, inflammation, and discomfort;

Studies are emerging more frequently examining the neuro-regenerative and neuro-protective properties of CBD on the brain to assist those with serious brain conditions gain greater quality of life through a reduction of negative symptoms;

CBD and natural alternatives are replacing use of powerful pain medications and opioids for a variety of pain conditions by affecting the way the body responds to inflammation;

People are finding uses for cannabis topically, recognizing that cannabis that is directly applied to the skin has a direct link to the endocannabinoid system, provides many benefits for skin conditions, increasing blood flow, and relieving pain and inflammation related to various pain related disorders

It’s evident that CBD has many applications, and there is a growing acceptance amongst the medical community to promote CBD for medicinal and therapeutic benefits, despite recent legislative challenges that individual states are working hard to overcome.

CBDaily aims to produce one of the highest quality CBD oil for vaporizing within the industry to help demonstrate the power of CBD and terpenes for health, wellness and lifestyle.

Terpenes as the Building Block of Nature

Terpenes are a main component in the essential oils of plants of different varieties. They’re considered to be the building blocks of nature, and are responsible for giving so many of the plants and fruits we love their aromas. Examples of different terpenes common in nature include limonene, pinene, linalool, humulene, and terpinolene.

The advancement of knowledge and information on terpenes, both in plant science and cannabis cultivation and product manufacturing, has allowed brands like CBDaily to build cannabis products that are rich in CBD, low in THC and have a combination of some of the most beneficial terpenes in nature.  

Vaporizing CBD Oil with CBDaily

CBDaily uses the most advanced, clean, and careful extraction methods to provide clients with high-quality CBD oil to use in a vaporizer. Using solvent-free methods, we enable users to active their CBD effects through heat, for direct delivery into the endocannabinoid system via the lungs, where the body will receive the effects of CBD more immediately.

Users will not get a high or loss of clarity by vaporizing CBD rich oil where there are little to no traces of THC. Vaporizing CBD oil allows you to use CBD oil on the go, discreetly, conveniently, and in a way that will provide you extra benefit in the activities where you can use a boost, or need to find a sense of calm.

Microdosing involves taking smaller doses of your vaporizer over a longer period of time, taking the “less is more” approach. With a convenient vaporizer, you can have a pull off your vaporizer to give you a bit of rejuvenation or relaxation when you need it most, conveniently and without hassle.